Research and Development

Here are some of the many ways we can help access R&D funding and expertise. 
This may include connecting you to Callaghan Innovation's funding programme, which invests in companies with the aspiration and drive to grow and become internationally competitive.

The process
  1. Contact
  2. Together, you’ll discuss your idea, product or service that needs some research and development support
  3. Next, you’ll complete a new client registration form and an online application form.
  4. The application is reviewed and approval can take 1-8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.
  5. If your application is successful, contracts are completed and your project can commence.
  6. Callaghan Innovation reimburses you once the work is complete and a project report and invoicing has been provided.

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R&D grants

Callaghan Innovation, through the government, provides R&D grants structured to meet your specific business needs.

Getting Started Grants

Are you in the early stages of R&D? The Getting Started grant will help take your product, process or service from development to commercialisation.

Project Grants

Is your business new to R&D, or trying to expand? A Project Grant can help you take on larger or more challenging R&D.

Growth Grants

Is your business an experienced R&D performer? This three year grant will help you increase your R&D investment.

Student Grants

Do you want to increase your business’s R&D capability, or are you a student wanting to develop technical skills in a commercial environment? Student Grants provide solutions for businesses and students. 

Maori Economy

maori economy2 img3If you have an idea, Activate Tairāwhiti and Callaghan Innovation will guide you through the process of getting set up: connecting you with the right services, programmes, networks, expertise, research and development (R&D) and funding to help you make it a reality.

Get in touch with and she can:

  1. Connect you to collaborative Māori-oriented business networks and clusters.
  2. Facilitate missions, workshops and discussions with international delegations to understand global opportunities.
  3. Help you choose the right technical expertise and funding to convert concepts into viable offerings.
  4. Help you to access R&D and apply a Māori lens to your results.
Food Innovation Network

If you’re in the food and beverage sector, we recommend meeting with a representative from the New Zealand Food Innovation Network (NZFIN). This national network of science and technology resources provides the facilities and expertise needed to develop new products and processes, from idea to commercial success.

A Hawke’s Bay-based NZFIN representative travels to Gisborne regularly, so please contact us to find out when their next visit is scheduled.

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