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SODA LIFT Programme

24 September 2018

Activate Tairawhiti and SODA Inc. have partnered to deliver incubation services to start-ups in Gisborne.

What is it? SODA LIFT in a nut-shell

You will be matched with a successful entrepreneur (from around New Zealand, not necessarily local to Gisborne) as a mentor who will get your thinking right, build your confidence, open their networks and help you get where you need to be faster.

You’ll also get access to SODA and Activate Tairawhiti stakeholders, Regional Business Partners, wider networks, Launch! Coworking space if needed and needs-based experts in your field.

These might include lawyers, storytelling experts, taxation experts, HR strategists etc. You name it and we will create a personalised support network to the highest standard.

Who Should Apply?

Whether you are simply seeking mentorship, are a solo founder or a team of founders (young or old, all levels of experience welcome) - SODA loves to work with curious, creative and courageous people with:   

• Just a business idea

• Fully formed business ideas and prototypes

• Companies in the early stages of selling their product or service

• Businesses with potential for scale, unique IP or an interesting business model

• An entrepreneurial itch from all walks of life

SODA admires the un-likeminded people with big dreams, who aren’t afraid to ask questions, wonder and be puzzled.

Client Investment

Activate Tairawhiti and SODA are looking for founders to be active, engaged and invested in their own personal development and business success. This is why a monetary contribution of $150 a week is required throughout the 12-week programme and a 5% equity stake in your business.

The idea behind the equity is that one day your company will be successful and these shares could pay for future entrepreneurs to come through a programme for help - just like you did - a 'pay it forward approach'. 

When should I apply?

When you’re ready. Applications can be submitted and assessed any time throughout the year.

How long is the SODA LIFT programme?

A typical SODA LIFT programme lasts for three months with SODA BOOST available upon completion of the initial programme.

The process

Fill out an application form. If you want to discuss your application first, email Activate Tairawhiti General Manager Economic Development Steve Breen, to book an appointment

After your application has been assessed, meet with the operations team (online or in person) to discuss you, your business, further information and how your business might fit

Based on this meeting you will either be offered a time to pitch (a process you will be guided through), or alternative options that may be more suitable for you.

If successful, you will be invited to join the SODA LIFT programme.


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