Our regionThe birthplace of New Zealand offers new economic opportunities

The Gisborne region is a place of myths and legends, historical firsts and enormous economic possibilities.

Located on the famously sunny and fertile East Coast of the North Island, our district is also known as Tairāwhiti, “the coast where the new sun shines”.

Kaiti Beach is where the region’s Maori settlers first arrived in the waka Horouta; where Captain Cook and his crew became the first Europeans to set foot in New Zealand; and where the first meeting between the two cultures occurred.

According to Maori legend, Mt Hikurangi was the first part of the North Island that emerged when Maui pulled it as a giant fish from the ocean. Paikea travelled to Aotearoa from Hawaiki on the back of a whale and landed up the coast at Whangara.


A revitalised local economy

And now the Tairāwhiti economy is being reborn. Local business leaders, council, the government, innovation and enterprise agencies, funders and investors are all working together to create a welcoming environment with plenty of opportunities.

The cost of doing business here is lower than in the main centres, with affordable housing, well-priced land, and reasonable average salaries.

The Gisborne District Council knows the importance of supporting our businesses and making this a place where people want to live and work. Eastland Group runs the region’s port, airport and electricity network with smooth efficiency. High-speed internet connects our businesses to the world, with services provided by the big names as well as award-winning local company GisNet.

We have a wealth of natural resources, and are just an hour to Auckland or Wellington
by air.

Activate Tairāwhiti Labour Report

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A place where the work / life balance is real.

Wake up as the first light filters through the window. Go for a surf, a walk with the dog, a gentle cycle along the beachfront. Put out a crayfish pot in that secret spot that only you know.

Work is just a few minutes' drive away, or perhaps you work from home, or even in Auckland or Wellington. There are good schools for the kids and plenty of family activities to keep everyone entertained.

On weekends, explore the coast (up towards the famous East Cape lighthouse, down to Mahia and the home of Rocket Lab). Buy the freshest local produce from the farmers' market, visit the local wineries, play sport, relax.

The work/life balance is real, and you can have it right here in Tairawhiti Gisborne. 

The average price of a Gisborne house is $246,757 (an increase of 8.8% in the past year). Wainui beachfront properties cost less than a 2 bedroom unit in West Auckland; lifestyle blocks and riverside homes are increasingly popular. 

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