Regional Economic Action Plan

The Tairāwhiti Economic Action Plan

Te Huarahi Hei Whai Oranga

Regional economic action plan

The Tairāwhiti Economic Action Plan

The Tairāwhiti Economic Action Plan represents this region’s priorities for the next five years and provides the opportunity to work with Central Government and other stakeholders in seeking transformational change in our region’s prosperity. Some priorities are specific to sectors such as agriculture and tourism. Other priorities enable growth across all sectors. 

We are weaving our sector actions together with our enabling actions to create a strong foundation for our economic wellbeing.

The Plan is a living document and as such it is expected to change over time as actions are delivered and new ones emerge. There is an emphasis on supporting businesses to thrive in Tairāwhiti. The Plan has been developed by Tairāwhiti for Tairāwhiti and represents our shared investment in our future.

Our focus is on creating the optimal pre-conditions for capital investment in Tairāwhiti – whether that be from existing businesses expanding or new businesses seeing the light and choosing Tairāwhiti to build a prosperous future.

Our success as a region depends on the development of all our people. Eleven local iwi have worked together to prepare a Māori Economic Development Report for Tairāwhiti – Pōtaka ki Mōhaka. This Report is available at It has many synergies with Te Huarahi Hei Whai Oranga – it is about collaborating to grow the capacity of our people and tapping the potential latent in our region.

Our rich bicultural and historical heritage is a source of pride for our community and provides us with a unique foundation for our future.